The first brain-computer interface integrating VR, biofeedback and clinical hypnosis principles to optimize health outcomes

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Future of Virtual Reality

In past few years, virtual reality was only associated with gaming and entertainment but today the use of VR technology has been growing exponentially. The future of virtual reality is in medicine and healthcare sector. An expert team at VRSano Tech has designed the future of virtual reality. It helps in eliminating the discomfort associated with medical problems and treatments.

Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Virtual reality in healthcare plays a significant role. There are greater benefits of virtual reality in healthcare. With the help of VRSano Tech patients can immerse themselves in a peaceful virtual world that helps control pain during minimally invasive procedures.

Virtual Reality in Medicine

Virtual reality in medicine has reached quite far and wide. VRSano Tech is enriched with endless possibilities and creates a positive effect on the lives of both patients and medical practitioners. Because anesthesia and sedation can be risky for some patients, virtual reality in medicine provides a way to help control pain and reduce anxiety.

Clinical Hypnosis

With the help of virtual reality and clinical hypnosis VRSano Tech can provide medical practitioners a safe and simple way of managing anxiety and pain in patients. VRSano Tech use clinical hypnosis to reduce the discomfort associated with chronic pain and anxiety.

Hypnosis For Anxiety

VRSano Tech can be used for hypnosis for anxiety and alleviation of a variety of psychological stress. How does hypnosis for anxiety therapy work? VRSano Tech with its immersive technology enables patients to experience relaxation and so helps to reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Hypnosis For Pain

VRSano Tech hypnosis for pain is associated with recovery from pre- and post-treatment stress. The VRSano Tech hypnosis for pain method encourages patients to engage more deeply in virtual environment alleviating pain and dissipating stress and anxiety.

How To Prepare For Surgery

VRSano Tech uses VR technology to help medical practitioners on how to prepare for surgery and recovering from surgery. VRSano Tech lets medical practitioners gain a visual understanding and explaining of how to prepare for surgery, diagnosis and treatment plan.

Recovering From Surgery

Patients have to go all through the struggle during medical procedures. Luckily VRSano Tech could be helpful in recovering from surgery. VRSano Tech uses an immersive experience that ultimately helps patients recovering from surgery and boredom experienced in hospitals.

Preparing for Surgery

VRSano Tech leverages VR technology and clinical hypnosis to help traumatized patients preparing for surgery and also improves patient care and diagnosis. In short, VRSano Tech addresses the psychological stress experienced by patients while preparing for surgery and recovering from surgery.

Dangers Of Stress

VR technology can be used to reduce dangers of stress and anxiety and also provide new and faster ways to solve complex issues. VRSano Tech is a result of professional and experienced psychologists working together to reduce dangers of stress and anxiety and delivering a highly engaging patient experience.


The stress associated with medical intervention and illness has been proven to have dangerous effects on the body's ability to heal and recover. However, most medical approaches only focus on the physical aspects of illness. What is missing in the field is a precise, effective, fast and affordable method for addressing the psychological stress experienced by patients and minimizing the negative effects of that stress on health outcomes. The solution is VRSANO - a patented method utilizing photorealistic virtual reality, biofeedback and neurofeedback, and clinical hypnosis principles to make any patient optimally receptive to their treatment.

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