The VRSANO method is detailed in our U.S. Patent No. 9694155. It comprises a computer-brain interface combining 3 research-supported alternative treatments – virtual reality, neurofeedback, and clinical hypnosis – in such a way so that each approach enhances the effectiveness of the other two and makes the solution suitable for virtually any patient.

The patented method is based entirely on medical research and practice, is precise, automatically customizable and measurable, providing real time physiological data, has no side effects and is justifiable in the medical field.

VRSANO’s method will have an immediate, strong and lasting effect even after one use; unlike biofeedback treatments, it does not need to be used in ongoing psychological “training” in order to be effective.

Its imagery is photo-realistic HD and both visuals and scripts are designed by clinical psychologists in accordance with the research on the impact of imagery in neuro-plasticity and neurofeedback.  It is the only brain-computer interface for medical treatment incorporating research-proven principles of clinical hypnosis.